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What I do.......

You may be new to the reupholstery process, or you may be an old hand, either way I'm here to guide you through it.  As you've probably noticed I mainly upholster chairs but, if its got fabric on it... I can fix it.  So if you have a sofa, ottoman, headboard or anything that has a good solid frame but is not very comfortable, or doesn't fit your style, just send me a picture and I'll see what I can do.

I also make cushions and lampshades, perfect for adding a splash of colour to your interiors or adding some comfort to your cozy places.

For a handy guide on the process of commissioning your click - here


How it works.....

Send a photo of your project to and I'll send you an estimate valid for 3 months. 


I will guide you through the design process so you get exactly what you’re looking for.  I have fabric samples you can choose from, or if you've already fallen in love with something, I can source it for you.  You can either visit my workshop in Uplands and browse my books, or I can get some samples sent out to you in the post.


Price Guide....

Chairs come in all shapes, sizes and states of disrepair so each piece will need to be assessed and priced accordingly, but to give you a rough idea:


Armchairs  from £350*

Sofas from £750*

Headboards from £100*

Box Cushions from £45*

Scatter Cushions from £20*

Lampshades from £60*

I am also trained in traditional upholstery using coir and horse hair.  As this method is more labour intensive, the price will reflect that, but for those antique pieces its definitely worth it.


*Prices do not include fabric but I can give you an idea of the quantity you’ll need, so when you fall in love with a fabric, you know what it might cost.

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